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Caring teachers encourage students in rigorous academics and help them develop good habits and behaviors at these crucial ages. Elementary time includes growth, changes, and hearts that need to be molded towards Christ. Having your son or daughter receive training with a biblical perspective will shape his or life for the good and for eternity. The excellent professors below take great care and enthusiasm teaching these young lives the truth in all subjects and encouraging them to follow Christ.


Mrs. Melissa Myers

4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Bethany Snyder

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mindy Rohr

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Grace Alfaro

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Anissa Bliese

Student Services Interventionist

Miss Emily Chadwick

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Douck

Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Rita Krentz

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Kruit

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Heidi Mohr

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Torrey Nystrom

5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Hanna Riddle

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Angela Sedrak

Elementary Music Teacher

Mrs. Erica Steinke

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Leslie Anderson

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Angela Jirovec

K5 Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Jenae Mattson

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Kelly Puntney

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Tracy Raymond

Teacher's Aide

Ms. Rachel Weix

Teachers Aid


Grades 1 – 5 $4,600

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Math A Beka
Science A Beka
History A Beka
Reading A Beka
Spelling A Beka
Penmanship Zaner-Bloser
Writing Six Traits of Writing

Elementary School Pick-up

Care and safety is foremost while picking your child up after school. Children will stay in the building under staff supervision until the parent arrives or the child is released to their mode of transportation to leave. Students who are not picked up on time will be taken to the office or a designated room where they can be picked up by the parent. More information is available in the Family Handbook.