Mrs. Anissa Bliese

Student Services Interventionist

“I just can’t help myself, I want to learn it all!  I want to: know the story, solve the problem, be amazed, figure it out, stand in awe; at everything in God’s world.  All of the sports, music, travel, art, and learning in my life have led me here, to this special place, as a teacher at FAITH.  I’m originally from Minnesota and received my teaching degree from Concordia College, Moorhead.  I moved to Wausau to teach fifth grade at a local parochial school and got “caught” by a Packer Fan.  I stayed, this side of the border, and continued my education and taught for 7 years at Montessori Education Center. My husband Brad and I have 3 children, I took some time to homeschool them, teach music and art classes, and do some coaching. Now that they are mostly grown, we felt I was being called back to teaching.  It’s been exciting to see God bring things full circle, back to teaching fifth grade, in a place where He can be first and His truths can be the solid foundation for learning. Let’s get going, there’s so much to learn!” 



B.A. in Education
Minor in Art
Concordia College, Moorhead, MN



I do not have a solid memory of not knowing Jesus as a loving and powerful savior. That is my testimony and the beauty of the truth that God holds up.  He holds up through doubt, and running away, questioning, and sorrow. So, as the world takes its knocks, and even knocks me down, I am not alone.  When I don’t have the strength, He does. When things are so very dark, He is light. He has it, we need it, do you want it?  



Highland Community Church