Ms. Bethany Snyder

5th Grade Teacher


B.S. from Northwestern College, St. Paul, Minnesota


Growing up in a Christian household, I found comfort in my faith, but it wasn’t always easy to fully grasp the depth of my own shortcomings. At times, the blessings of my upbringing made it challenging to recognize my own brokenness and my desperate need for God’s grace. It was in elementary school that I first realized my need for a savior. Accepting Christ as my Savior,
I came to a profound realization that my faith wasn’t just about following rules or living up to external expectations. It was about embracing God’s grace that transcends my failures and shortcomings. I learned to rely on His strength, rather than my own, and to lean into His forgiveness, which knows no bounds.
Throughout my life, I see God’s grace and faithfulness, even in moments when I faltered or doubted. It’s a reminder that my salvation isn’t earned through my deeds, but through the unfailing love of a Savior who willingly laid down His life for me.
Today, I stand firm in the knowledge that I am a recipient of God’s unending grace. I am humbled by the understanding that my journey is one of continuous growth, shaped by His mercy and love. My story is a testament to His transformative power, a journey from recognizing my need for a savior to embracing the sufficiency of His grace.

I love traveling, playing volleyball and softball, eating ethnic food, baking, painting, and gardening. I have one older sister and one younger brother. My daughter, Everly, is in 3rd grade at FAITH. I grew up in Abbotsford and lived in Minnesota for 13 years after attending Northwestern College. I have volunteered at an orphanage in Guatemala since 2007.

I enjoyed Language Arts and History when I was in school. I was grateful to have amazing teachers who showed me how fun learning could be. I love traveling back into time and learning about History. There are so many amazing people, places, and things to learn about!


Attends Highland Community Church