Schedules for Middle & High School

Class Schedule

Students can view their individual class schedules.

  1. Go to
  2. Use District code “FCA-WI”. The Username is likely to be firstnamelastname or firstname of student. The Office can help you sign in.
  3. Click “Student” and “Schedules


8:23-9:051st Period
9:08-9:512nd Period
9:54-10:363rd Period
10:39-11:214th Period
11:43-12:255th Period
12:28-1:106th Period
1:13-1:557th Period
1:58-2:408th Period

Tuesday – Friday

8:05-8:491st Period
8:52-9:362nd Period
9:39-10:233rd Period
10:26-11:104th Period
11:35-12:195th Period
12:22-1:066th Period
1:09-1:537th Period
1:56-2:408th Period

Exam Schedule

Mid-term and Final Exam days are posted on the School Calendar.

The detailed schedule will be posted here when it is available.

Final Exam Schedule, 2021

Wednesday,  May 26 Thursday, May 27Friday,  May 28 
7:40-7:50 Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom 
7:55- 9:35 Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 
9:35-9:45 Break Break Activities
9:50-11:30Period 4Period 5Activities
11:30-11:50 HS Lunch/MS Recess HS Lunch/MS Recess HS Lunch/MS Recess 
11:55-12:25 MS Lunch/HS Recess MS Lunch/HS Recess MS Lunch/HS Recess
12:30-2:20 Period 6 Period 7 Activities
2:20-2:40 ALT ALTALTActivities