Mr. Clint Steinke


Mr. Zach Zebro


Mrs. Marjolein Guerisma

Intervention Coordinator

Mrs. Christy Hering

Elementary Office Manager

Mrs. Sarah Kopke

 Middle & High School Office Manager

Dr. Susan Messerly

Student Services Team Advisor

Mrs. Kathryn Pettis

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Leah Schneider

Daycare Operations Manager

Mr. Kurt Wagner

Photography & Design 

Mrs. Hannah Zebro

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Rylie Hutchinson

Athletic Director

High School & Middle School

Mr. Eugene Kim

HS/MS Science Teacher

Mr. Alex Trotter

Director of Discipleship

Mrs. Wendi Boehnen

Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Katie Bochenek

Bible Teacher

Mrs. Jane Bosi

Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Kelly Crockett

Psychology Teacher

Mrs. Terrae Gorney

Social Studies Teacher

Gary Johnson

Mr. Gary Johnson

Math Interventionist

Mrs. Janelle Lone

Math Teacher

Mrs. Mackenzie Maas

Mrs. Mackenzie Maas

MS Math Teacher

Mrs. Rhonda Mathias

Math Teacher

Mrs. Leanne Meyer

Art Teacher

Mr. Ben Roettjer

Health & Science Teacher

Mrs. Linda Romine

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Kendra Turpeinen

English Teacher

Elementary School

Mrs. Melissa Myers

4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Bethany Snyder

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mindy Rohr

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Grace Alfaro

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Anissa Bliese

Student Services Interventionist

Miss Emily Chadwick

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Douck

Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Rita Krentz

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Kruit

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Heidi Mohr

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Torrey Nystrom

5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Hanna Riddle

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Angela Sedrak

Elementary Music Teacher

Mrs. Erica Steinke

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Leslie Anderson

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Angela Jirovec

K5 Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Jenae Mattson

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Kelly Puntney

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Tracy Raymond

Teacher's Aide

Ms. Rachel Weix

Teachers Aid


Mrs. Chris Benes

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Christy Nelson

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Bette Arends

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Allyssa Baumann

Teacher's Aide

Mrs. Barbara Sutter

K5 Teacher's Aide

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Non Discrimination Policy

Employment at Faith Christian Academy is open to qualified individuals who are Christians of good character, without regard or reference to race, gender, national or ethnic origin, color, age, or disability. Faith Christian Academy is a religious educational ministry, permitted to discriminate on the basis of religion. All prospective and current employees must agree with Faith Christian Academy’s mission statement, and they must be willing to conduct their lives in conformity with the school’s statement of faith and the school’s declaration and agreement to ethical and moral integrity.