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At Faith Christian Academy kindergarteners get started with reading, writing, and math even at three years old. Most importantly everything is taught from a Christian perspective. For instance, when they learn about the holidays, they will learn the Christian history that causes such celebration and remembrance. When they learn about “good” behavior, the instructions are founded on the objective truth of God’s character and how the Bible teaches us to treat one another. Discipline is usually minimal: it starts with redirection towards positive behavior with further explanation as necessary. Here Christian teachers are able to truly comfort children’s hearts with the love of Christ that is more secure and deeply satisfying than any secular alternative.


 Three year-olds
 Mondays & Wednesdays
 Half Day 8:00-11:30 a.m.
  Per Year $2,000

“It is my privilege to have the opportunity to teach K3 and to instruct biblical principals through memory verses, bible stories and song. Along with listening skills, number & letter concepts, shape recognition, and coloring & tracing.  The Lord has given me a love for young children and it brings such great joy to see them learn both academically and in their love for the Lord. ” ~Mrs. Schlagel

Mrs. Schlagel is a certified special ed paraprofessional and has experience teaching kindergarteners in the Durand school district. She assists with children’s ministry at Immanuel Baptist Church.

Mrs. Barbara Sutter

K5 Teacher's Aide


 Four year-olds
 Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
 Half Day: 8:00-11:30 a.m.
  Per Year $2,500

“When I began teaching preschool in 2012, God quickly showed me how much I loved working with this age group. Their joy and wonder for learning is one of my favorite things about teaching preschool. Introducing them to the learning environment, as well as skills in social, fine motor, gross motor, early math, english, and reading are all things that I love to do in Pre-K. Each morning we open a gift box with a ribbon on it to introduce the theme for the week. The box says, “Gods gift of…” on the top of it.  God has given us learning and everything we learn about, which is why I start each day with this reminder to focus on God’s gifts so they can start their schooling years with God at the center.”  ~Mrs. Surface

Mrs. Surface has a B.A. in Elementary Education and Bible from Moody Bible Institute. She previously taught preschool in Naperville, IL. Her husband, David, is the associate pastor of worship ministries at Wausau Alliance Church.

Mrs. Bette Arends

Teacher's Aide

K-5 – “Kindergarten”

 Five year-olds
 Monday – Friday
 8:00-11:30 a.m. – Half-day
 Tuition $3,000

“Faith Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school where teaching young children to love learning through the love of our Lord is a humbling experience…” – Mrs. Nelson

Mrs. Nelson has a MS in Literacy and BS in Early Education. Click to read her biography below.

Mrs. Chris Benes

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Christy Nelson

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Allyssa Baumann

Teacher's Aide

Afternoon Child Care

Afternoon child care is available on weekdays starting at 11:30 am. For more details contact  or .