Ski & Snowboard Club

Snowboard/Ski club begins on Friday, December 18th 6pm!  If your middle or high school student is interesting in attending at least one time this winter, I need some information to get club rolling (no elementary students).  I need to get Granite Peak a list of participants as soon as possible so they can verify the waivers have been completed.

If you want to learn how to snowboard, you’re welcome to join us as well and I will give you a lesson.  If you’re interested in learning to ski, Granite Peak does offer a ski lesson for $15, but you would need to schedule that lesson for that night.  


Students need to register for each night they will join the club. Please sign up 3 days before the Friday event. See the school calendar our Fridays schedule.

Option 1: Use this sign up form.  

Option 2: Email and include the following: 

  • Student Name: 
  • Date of Birth: 
  • Parent name: 
  • Parent phone (for emergency contact): 
  • If your child has a season pass?:
  • If your child will need to rent equipment: 
  • That you have completed the lift ticket and rental waivers (link below). 

A form will be sent out on Mondays before each club date (similar to Take Out Lunch), so you can sign up your students for that week’s club. Payment will be billed through the school at the end of the snow season.


Every other Friday from 6-9pm (Dec 18, Jan 9, 22, Feb 5, 19, March 5 and 19)


This year it’s even easier to join. Students do not need to bring money but will be billed through the school at the end of the snow season.

  • Lift Ticket $15 
  • Rental: $9 
  • Helmet Rental (optional) $6 


Parents only need to fill out these waiver forms once per season.

List Tickets

Rental Waiver

Thank you,

Stefanie Carlson