Registering before School Starts

Students may ride the public school bus to FAITH. Families should mail in the completed form for the public school district they live in. You can download the appropriate form for you school district below.

School District – form linkDue DatePhone
D.C. EverestWebsite715-359-3555
Marathon School DistrictPDF
MosineeWord DocPDFAugust 1
Wausau School District
First Student – Form
Metro Ride – Form

Parents Notify Busing of Absence

We are so glad you’ve made arrangements for transportation with your local school district’s bus company. As a consideration and witness to these companies and the drivers, we would ask that if you are not riding the bus to kindly call the bus company and let them know. The three school districts (Wausau, DCE and Mosinee) each send a separate bus to each campus every day. This cost adds up for these districts. Although it is a provision in the legislature, it is frustrating for the driver to make it all the way here and wait unnecessarily.  We want the drivers to wait for our students in case someone is a little late getting out of the building but if we train them that there are no-shows, they won’t wait anymore. 

I hope you can keep the bus numbers handy and just give the bus company a call in the early morning or leave a message the night before if you have a sick child or have alternative plans. 

Thank you for your help in building relationships with these drivers. We want to show the love of Christ with all and this courtesy will be well received. 

Wausau First Student  715-842-2268
DCE Lamers 715-359-3555
Mosinee Lamers 715-814-1481