Mrs. Torrey Nystrom

5th Grade Teacher


B.A in Cultural Anthropology
Minor in Sociology and Bible


I grew up in a Christian home and had a brush with death at age 2 while living overseas.  In terror of hell, I prayed to receive Jesus as my Savior.  However, I believe God honored my ignorant request and has grown me steadily since.  I loved the truth of Christianity and was fascinated with apologetics from 5th grade through high school.  But it wasn’t until college that the realization of my own depravity hit me forcefully.  Reading Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion helped me to discover God’s incredible sovereignty and the depth of the scarring of sin in ever fiber of my being and mind.  I suddenly knew my need for Jesus’ atonement in a new way.  Still, it is easy enough for some of us to walk day to day in our own strength and wisdom, so my loving Father, God, finally undertook to humble me when I was in my twenties and teach me moment by moment dependence on His sufficiency for all of life and godliness.  I’m so grateful God saw fit to bring me from darkness to light and into the kingdom of His beloved Son so many years ago.  I’m so glad to be one more voice in the body of Christ proclaiming His excellencies to the world.  What a mighty God we serve!


Immanuel Baptist Church – Wausau, WI