Mrs. Kelly Puntney


Elementary Teacher’s Aide

I was raised in a Christian household and attended a Christian school until the 8th grade. Even though I had been exposed to the Word and sincerely believed in God, I didn’t truly understand His grace and how much He loves me. I was buried beneath a weight of legalism. Between the legalism and a huge pile of hurts that had accumulated over the years, I self-destructed from the emotional pain. When I was 18, I left my home church and began attending a new one. During this season of my life, I focused on pursuing God like never before. He surrounded me with people who accepted me, taught me the Truth, and stood by me as I wrestled with my past and sought emotional and physical healing. God brought me healing and so much more! While at this church, I met my husband. We have now been married for 20 years and have two teenage children. As the years go by, I am continuing to learn to live in God’s love and grace.

After being a stay-at-home mom for 20 years and spending countless hours volunteering within children’s ministry and education, God opened the door for me to be a part-time teacher aide at FCA. I love the students and staff, and also enjoy the variety of ways I get to serve within the FCA family. My favorite pastime is being out in nature and taking pictures of God’s beautiful creation.


Attends Village Church in Kronenwetter, WI