Faith works with parents to create plans for students to achieve their goals for after graduation. Our regular high school classes prepare students for success in college. Students may customize their high school education with more college classes or focus on career readiness instead. Here are a few of the options that are offered currently. You may also contact the office to find out what other options are available.

Dual Enrollment Classes

Faith offers college classes taught by our faculty on-site at no additional cost. Students receive high school and college credit through either NTC or UWSP. Classes include:

  • Psychology, NTC
  • English Courses, UWSP
  • Photography, NTC
  • Photoshop Manipulation, NTC
  • Website Design, NTC

Post Secondary Enrollment

Faith works with students’ schedules to allow them to attend college classes while enrolled in high school. These classes then count as both high school and college credit. Students may attend local colleges or take classes online through most any college. This is an excellent option for most juniors and seniors because most colleges will offer discounted tuition. Please meet with our guidance counselor to discuss how your student can take advantage of this.

Youth Apprenticeship @NTC

The YA program will provide an opportunity to get a jump start on a future career. Students will have the opportunity to identify a career they are interested in learning more about and then get placed with a local employer where they can begin to learn about that career and gain the entry level skills needed for the position. It’s also a paid opportunity for students!


  • 450 work hours each year you participate in the program (you can participate your junior and/or senior year)
  • Related instruction each semester you participate (you must take a course each semester that is relevant to your YA program; it can be a course offered at your high school or an NTC course)
  • Students must also complete competencies from 1 of our 11 program checklists (see website for a full list of program offerings)

Learn more about the program at You may also contact the program director directly to discuss the program or with any questions at Dina L. Kilinski ( ).

If you would like to begin the YA program at FAITH, contact the school principal.