Mrs. Mindy Rohr

Mindy is married to her husband, Patrick, and together they have 3 kids: Liam (10) Ella (7) Declan (5), all of whom attend Faith. Mindy and her son Liam love skiing together in the winter. In her extra time Mindy enjoys creating, which in this past season of life as a stay at home included making earrings to express what Christ was teaching her through scripture (there is a lot less time for that these days).

2nd Grade Teacher


B.S. in Early Childhood Education (pre-k through 3rd grade)

& Special Education (birth through 3rd grade)

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


I grew up in a Christian home, where I knew a lot about God and his word, but following the rules and legalism was king. When I was in middle school, my parents began to experience a personal relationship with Christ for themselves and began reading the bible for their own communion with God. I watched my parents come to a saving faith and relationship with Christ throughout middle school and early high school. For me, this began the journey to my own saving relationship with Christ. I watched as my parents seemingly looked the same on the outside, yet their hearts were transformed. While many of the values our family held remained the same, the heart posture behind why and how we carried those out changed dramatically. In college I experienced this for myself and began my own transformation and relationship with Christ. This took time and is something I still wrestle through, allowing my head knowledge to pierce my heart and transform my life.¬† I am desperately in need of God’s grace daily. His steadfast pursuit of me, despite my failings is humbling and leaves me in awe of the God we serve. I am deeply grateful for a God who is steadfast, despite my own ups and downs.

I LOVE teaching kids to read, taking their learning to a new level where adventure and exploration exist! I taught kindergarten along with special education previously and enjoyed loving kids well in those roles. Teaching second grade this year has been pure joy as students are gaining independence in reading, enjoying the journeys story can take them on. There are few greater joys to me than listening to a child’s interests and getting them plugged into a good book that captures their imagination! ( I read over 30 kid’s chapter books this summer to prepare to help kids know good fit books for them and thoroughly enjoyed it😆)


Attends Highland