Mrs. Erica Steinke

First Grade Teacher


I grew up in the church. I witnessed family members who loved the Lord. But as a child I knew Jesus as THE savior, not MY savior. As a 15-year-old I traveled down to West Virginia with a youth group, that included my now husband, to be a part of a missions trip. I hadn’t realized then, but God would meet me there, and I would encounter him as MY savior, as I realized my depravity and His great love. Since that moment of justification, I have humbly seen Him transform my heart, day by day. I am eternally thankful that He chooses to use me, a sinner, to do His work. Part of that work is here at Faith Christian Academy. My role as a first grade teacher gives me the unique opportunity to plant little seeds, day by day, into the hearts of young little image bearers.  What those seeds produce is only of the Lord’s doing, and we do it all for His glory! It is a privilege to co-labor alongside my husband at FAITH, along with our 3 biological children and 1 foster child who also attend FAITH, and witness God at work here. To Him be all glory, honor, and praise as we serve Him through educating young minds.


B.S. in Art and Education
University of Wisconsin- Stout



Member of Immanuel Baptist Church.