2023-24 FAITH Art Club

Mrs. Meyer

When: Tuesdays 2:45-4:00 pm
Where: Mrs. Meyer’s Art Room

Who: 6-12th Grade

Please review the dates below. If you can’t make a meeting, just let me know. Unfortunately, if you miss a project, we cannot make it up, but you are always welcome to work on it at home if supplies are able to travel. In the case of low attendance, sickness, or inclement weather, meetings may be canceled. Reminders will be sent through parent text alert on RENWeb and email.

Pick Up: Students need to be picked up at 4:15 pm (no later). Also, you are responsible to leave the art room how you found it CLEAN!

  1. Attend regular scheduled meetings on time. Meetings are the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month, December-May. Please see specific dates.
  2. Participate in club events…this may include fundraising, art museums, set making for theatre, and other exciting opportunities as they might come up. I will keep you posted.
  3. Keep your grades up.***
  4. Be a positive role model for others. Respect others as well as the Art Room.
  5. Once accepted to the club, turn in $25 for dues to cover the cost of materials and snacks. *There is financial assistance available, if needed. Checks or cash will cover the cost of your materials in Art Club. Please return $25 cash or a check made out to Faith Christian Academy and in the memo, write your student’s first name and Art Club. Return to Mrs. Meyer or office by December 8th, 2022.

***Participation in Extracurricular Activities-please see Student Handbook.
Students participating in extracurricular activities will be expected to be in attendance at school for at least a half-day on the day of the activity or the half-day before if that activity occurs on a Saturday. Absences due to doctor appointments are excluded.