Art Club

Thursdays 2:45-4:00 pm
in Cafeteria at IBC 
(Mrs. Meyer’s Art Room)
6-12th Grade

Mrs. Meyers

Please review the dates below. If you can’t make a meeting, just let me know. Unfortunately, if you miss a project, we cannot make it up, but you are always welcome to work on it at home if supplies are able to travel. In the case of low attendance, sickness, or inclement weather, meetings may be canceled. Reminders will be sent through parent text alert on RENWeb and email. Students need to be picked up at 4PM (no later). Also, you are responsible to leave the art room how you found it CLEAN!

ART CLUB Meeting Dates:
March 12th…2:45pm-4pm
March 19th…2:45pm-4pm
April 2nd…2:45pm-4pm
April 9th…2:45pm-4pm
April 16th…2:45pm-4pm
April 23rd…2:45pm-4pm
April 30th…NO MEETING
May 7TH…2:45pm-4pm
May 21st…2:45pm-4pm END OF SCHOOL YEAR MEETING

Wanted: Old Bibles

We may explore Bible journaling. This is the creative process of writing,
drawing, and painting in your Bible when inspired by God’s Word. You will
want to bring your Bible (or a separate one to experiment with) for this.
Any old donated Bibles would greatly be appreciated!