March Madness Tournament

FAITH is proud to be hosting its annual March Madness Tournament for high school girls and boys basketball teams. This event is an opportunity to enjoy the students in an athletic contest intended to build character, learn teamwork, and show excellence all while bringing honor to God.

March 5-7, 2020
225 S. 28th Avenue
Wausau, WI, 54401

$4 – Adult Ticket
$1 – Student Ticket
$10 – Max per family

Just a few notes to consider:

  • Cheer to positively encourage teams.
  • Respect the officials, coaches, and teams.
  • Be gracious in both victory and defeat.

Concessions are available throughout the day. Proceeds go to our Jr./Sr. missions trip to the Dominican Republic. You can see the menu at

Thank you to Clean Slate for donating coffee and Thrivent for helping with the cost of this day. 

Live Stream

A live stream will be available for all the games on this page and on


Game Brackets

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Game Details

  • Two 18 minute halves
  • Running clock (except for the last 2 minutes of each half & for timeouts)
  • Timeouts: two full and two 30 sec per game
  • 5 min half time, approx. 10 min warm-ups (to keep games on the hour)
  • Prayer before each game (coaches may be asked to pray before their game)
  • Home team (white jersey) is the top team on the bracket.
  • Each team is required to have one person per game to help with book. This person must check in at the scorers table 15 minutes before their game.