Mrs. Christy Nelson

“By the end of second grade, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  My second and third grade teacher inspired me to want to learn everything, and teach others.  After completing my education degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay in 2002, I began teaching kindergarten in a small parochial school and enjoyed every minute. I then moved and accepted a first-grade position with the Wittenberg-Birnamwood School District and stayed between kindergarten and first grade for six years.  I completed my Masters in Literacy from Concordia University in 2008.  When our son was born in 2011, I began teaching Title 1 in the district part-time for a year and a half until our daughter was born in 2013.  I have been home with them since and now that they are Kindergarten and 4K age, I am excited to get back into the classroom! Faith Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school where teaching young children to love learning through the love of our Lord is a humbling experience and in Him, I graciously accept.”

Kindergarten Teacher (K5)


B.S. in Elementary Education
University of Wisconsin in Green Bay, WI, 2002

M.S. in Literacy
Concordia University in Mequon, WI, 2008



“I grew up attending St. James Catholic Church.  When I was about 10 years old, I remember asking my mom why I had to tell the priest my sin, why couldn’t I just tell God.  With much questioning throughout my Catholic upbringing there was definitely a disconnect between what I knew of God, and who God was to me.  Fast forward 15 years to Christmas 2004, the day I was given a King James Bible from someone close to me.  I began reading in the New Testament every day, and it was then I came to realize who Jesus is, and what he did for me.  On January 22, 2005, while reading my Bible, I began praying, asking God to forgive my sin and to please take the lead in my life.  I prayed for Jesus to help me let go of what I was trying to do myself, and direct me in the path he wanted me to walk.  In the two weeks that followed, Jesus held me fast as I ended a relationship, found a new apartment, and continued teaching the first-grade students at Wittenberg Elementary.

Three months later I met my now-husband, Justin Nelson.  By God’s divine appointing, my now father-in-law was leading a study for new Christians at Immanuel Baptist Church!  Not only had Jesus guarded my path, as He continues to do, but he provided just the right people at just the right time to encourage and strengthen my walk with Him.  I began attending church with Justin, at IBC, and as each of us grew in the Lord, our relationship grew and on July 1, 2006 we were married.  Jesus Christ continues to be the focus in our family as Justin and I raise our two children.”


Wausau Alliance Church