WAVE Electives for Middle and High Schoolers

FAITH middle and high school students can now sign up for up to 2 online electives per semester through Wisconsin Area Virtual Education (WAVE). WAVE courses help students fill in gaps for graduation requirements or pursue more specific and advanced interests.

Students should sign up quickly at the beginning of a semester to begin. Each course is 18 weeks long and first-time students will need to take an orientation course before beginning their electives.

How does this work at FAITH?

For the Spring 2019 semester, student will be able to work on their WAVE courses on Fridays during a dedicated study hall period. They may also work on WAVE classes during other study halls that are in the computer lab. Students will need to work on these course on their own time to meet the deadlines. Working daily and having a home computer with internet access is highly recommended.

How to begin…

The following process is just for the middle and high school students for the Spring 2019.

  1. Pick 1 or 2 classes from the list.
  2. Apply for WAVE.
  3. Mrs. Eastin will contact you to finish a little paper work.
  4. Students will be assigned a dedicated computer lab time on Fridays 1st or 3rd period.
  5. Students will receive an invitation in the email they used to sign up with.
  6. First-time students will need to complete an orientation course.
  7. Then students work on their desired courses for the next 18 weeks.

If you have any questions please email her at .

This presentation was given to the middle and high school students Tuesday morning, January 22, 2019. Here is a PDF of Mrs. Eastin WAVE presentation.