School Locations for 2019-20

Dear Faith Families,

As many of you know, Faith was notified last May that our 10-year lease was ending at St. Matthew’s because they had interest from the Newman Catholic School System. A building and steering committee was formed and began exploring many options (churches, vacant buildings, Globe University, portable classrooms).  We have seen the Lord open and close doors along the way each time learning more and more about the process and what our long term ideal school location and building would be. Our desire is to have all our students together, to be near highway access and to be in a central location.   After much research and prayer, moving our school to Immanuel Baptist Church looked like our best option. The church was enthusiastic and supportive of having Faith return and share space. I sent a letter out in early January stating that the best option was to move the entire school to IBC. In late January St. Matthew’s came to us with the potential of staying at our current location.

We are currently at over 200 students for next year… We simply won’t all fit at St. Matthew’s anymore!

After much prayer and diligence, the committee and the School Board has recommended we continue our relationship and lease with St. Matthew’s. It was looking like we might not have to move after all until our enrollment for next year took an unexpected leap. We are currently at over 200 students for next year with the majority of that increase coming at the elementary level. We simply won’t all fit at St. Matthew’s anymore! To open the doors to more students, we have made the decision to move the Middle and High School (grades 6-12) to Immanuel Baptist Church starting next year. While this does not accomplish our goal of being all together under one roof,  we will work hard at having one school on two campuses. We are working with the area school districts to get morning and afternoon busing. We will try to plan several all school events and we will be as integrated as possible.  

This has been a daunting, thought provoking and amazing process.  We never could have imagined all that God has done and is doing along the way. Faith Christian Academy is looking at this split campus for the next three years. We are praying for a long term solution for our growing student body. We ask for your continued prayers as we investigate what resources will be needed for us all to be together in the near future. You will be receiving a packet and survey providing insight to the future location of Faith Christian Academy in the weeks ahead.  I thank you for your patience, interest and support. Please continue to pray for wisdom for our staff and School Board. 

Clint Steinke