If a middle or high school student is quarantined, they will be able to continue their education with our hybrid online classes by logging into faithca.org/classes.

NEW STUDENTS can login using:

  • District Code: FCA-WI
  • Username: FirstnameLastname  (the first part of their school email address with no space)
  • Password:  (school email password)

RETURNING STUDENTS can login using their RenWeb Usernames & Passwords.

Tools For Online Learning

Faithca.org/classesA student’s first stop to find all their assignments and links to all the necessary resources for the assignment.
Faithca.org/teamsTeachers can host live video or text chats with their class here. Previously we used Teams for organizing assignments, but now that functionality is in Faithca.org/classes.
Faithca.org/mailStudents can login to their school email accounts here.
Faithca.org/onedriveCreate and share documents within the school’s Office 365. Tutorial Video
Families can see student schedules, grades, and more here.
School’s internal video sharing website. Students can find lectures from teachers and post videos here.
Faithca.org/newslettersThe best place to find the latest news is by looking at our email newsletters and subscribing.

Expectations for Online Learning

Online Learning: The MS/HS have developed an online learning model via Renweb LMS.  All information will be available via faithca.org/classes which students can access using their username (the prefix of their email address) and password.  We again ask for flexibility with this as we continue to transition.

If students are quarantined and healthy enough to do school work, they are expected to check-in to each of their online classes daily and to complete posted work by assigned due dates.

Teachers Availability
Teachers will be available online during normally scheduled school hours for questions and please understand that response time may be slightly delayed.  However, teachers will not be available after 3pm for communication but students can submit assignments. 

Need Internet or Computer?
Middle and high school students need internet access and device with a keyboard for online learning.  Please contact the office immediately if this is a problem.

Help Desk

Use the yellow button above to submit a ticket on faithca.org/help, and someone will contact you within one business day. We can offer phone and remote desktop help as well.

Download Office 365

Students can do all their work using Chrome or Edge web broswers. Families can also download the desktop apps for Office 365 by going to faithca.org/download. It can be very convenient to have the Office 365 apps on your mobile devices (especially the Teams App).