Ms. Zoua Kha

4th Grade Teacher’s Aide, Art Aide


Studied Illustrations and Design at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire



I grew up in a Christian family my whole life. But even with four siblings and a church community, I’ve always felt singled out and alone all the time. I was constantly bullied in elementary school, and was betrayed by those who I thought were my friends. Because of those childhood experiences, they became a catalyst to my social anxiety and resentment towards people. That emotional pain stuck with me well into my adolescent years until summer of 2011; my mother wanted me to attend our church’s youth retreat. I was 16 at the time and unbeknownst to my family, I was suicidal. One midnight at camp, I planned to take my own life, because I couldn’t stand being alone anymore. I believed that nobody would even noticed that I was gone. Despite this, I was also scared for my life; many thoughts and worst-case scenarios flashed into my mind. I felt that God was trying to save me from doing the unthinkable, and that I strayed away from Him during those times I felt alone. At that moment, I wanted to continue on with my life and let God lead the way. I felt like I was trapped a dark tunnel throughout my 16 years of pain and that moment was when I’ve finally found the light at the end.

I accepted Christ into my life in 2012, He has helped tear down my walls that I’ve been building up all those years, and my resentment has since went away. Now, I strive to help those in my church community who may be going through the same situation that I went through by making them feel included, loved, and believing that they have the potential to do great things. It’s amazing at how God works in my life in so many ways now that I feel much more alive and better than ever.



First Hmong Missionary Alliance Church