Miss Hannah Adsit


Middle School Science Teacher


B.S in Microbiology with a concentration in Biomedical Science and a Minor in Chemistry

UW La-Crosse


I am forever grateful to my wonderful Savior for being brought up in the church. I had the wonderful opportunity to hear the gospel many times and brought to Christ as a young girl by my sweet and faithful grandmother. As I continued to grow in my faith, God blessed me with Godly friends who are still to this day a big influence on my walk with Christ. As I delt with heartbreaking events in my teen years the one true constant—my anchor—through all of this was God. I relied on his love and peace like I needed oxygen to survive, and He has graciously provided for my every need as He is the ultimate provider. As I learned more about who God is and his love for us, it drove my excitement for discovering more about his creation. I have always had a love for his creation and how we all interact together, which is why I pursued a degree in microbiology. I wanted to learn more about things that God created that are so complex, and yet small enough to be invisible to the naked eye. I have grown to love working with children and want to inspire them to explore God’s glorious creation.