Ms. Graciela Acosta

Ms. Graciela Acosta

4th Grade Teacher


B.A. in TESOL, minor in Applied Linguistics
Moody Bible Institute


I grew up in a Christian home, always knowing about Jesus, but not having a personal relationship with him. During middle school, I went through a very lonely and difficult time. I found that my church youth group was the one place I could go where I felt loved and like I belonged. Also during this time, I began reading my Bible and began to understand the depth of God’s love for me, the reality of what it meant that Christ lived and died for me, and that I was valued in Christ and created for a purpose. Since then, I have continued to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ. Of course, there have been trials and difficulties along the way, but my faith has deepened through them. I attended a Bible college so that I could grow in my understanding and love for God and His word, and my desire is to share the love and knowledge I have experienced in Christ with others and to raise a new generation to know and love God and His word.


Attends Immanuel Baptist Church