Ms. Carissa Juvinall

First Grade Teacher


BA in Biblical Counseling
Maranatha Baptist University

AAS in Humanities Writing
Maranatha Baptist University



When I was five years old, I realized that I was a sinner in need of a Savior. Though I was saved from my sin at a young age, I soon realized that I would need to put in work into my relationship with Christ. The effort would not make me any more saved, but would help me know Christ better and choose to live for Him. God was faithful in growing our relationship; and though spiritual growth is hard, He gave me the desire to do “hard” things for Him. One of these things was working for CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) as a teenager. I would have preferred to be shy and stay in my comfort zone, but God had other plans. Through CEF, He taught me to love and care about children and their eternal state. I was able to see much fruit from these summer Bible clubs. Afterwards, I was told several times that I should look into teaching. I have always loved kids, but did not feel sold on the idea of teaching them as I prayed about it. Soon, I graduated from Maranatha Baptist University with a BA in Biblical Counseling and an AAS in Humanities Writing. After graduation, God changed my mind about the possibility of teaching and began opening several doors of opportunity. As I look back, I am very thankful for teachers who modeled what Christ-centered education looks like; these people helped in my decision to pursue teaching today. I love my students and am excited to be on the FAITH teaching staff.


Wausau Bible Church