Mrs. Sarah Reckner

2nd Grade Teacher

“My 2nd grade teacher inspired me to want to teach in some capacity. I always thought that my calling to teach involved music. I decided to go to Pensacola Christian College for music education. I soon found out that, although I loved music, it was not what God had called me to teach. I did not have a joy that I knew I should have with my major. I prayed, and over Christmas break of my freshman year I decided to switch my major to elementary education. When classes started the following spring semester, I knew that I had found exactly what God had called me to do. I finished four years at Pensacola and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. During each break I taught at a local daycare in Missouri where I lived. I am excited to begin my first year of teaching at Faith Christian Academy. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me this year.”



B.S. in Elementary Education
Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida, 2018



“Around the age of 6, God began working in my life. He began showing me that I was sinner and that I needed the forgiveness that He offered. However, I did not fully understand. My parents spent many nights talking and praying with me, but I was not quite ready. When I was eight, my sister and friends were going to summer camp in Oklahoma. I wanted to go but was too young. A lady in my church new my desire to attend camp. She said that she would act as my mom so that I could go. At camp, we had devotions every night. During one of those devotions everything suddenly became clear. I talked to a counselor that night and my sister and I both accepted Christ’s gift of forgiveness. I met my husband during my freshman year at Pensacola Christian College. We were married this summer and moved to Marshfield, Wisconsin. We attend church at Grace Baptist Church. We are excited to become involved in ministry while we serve the Lord together.”


We attend church at Grace Baptist Church in Marshfield, Wisconsin.