Mrs. Sarah Kopke

 Middle & High School Office Manager

The knowledge of God has always been apart of my life. I was baptized & confirmed in the Catholic church where I was very involved in our church’s youth programs, choir, and local and state-side missions.  During my college years, I was not without belief but no longer felt the spark of the Catholic faith and fell away from the church. In my twenties I was introduced to the Christian faith by a close friend and immediately fell in love with the powerful worship music and sermons.  Since, Christ has shown me my smallest and greatest struggles are intentional to induce pressure, so through Him I can produce change. When I fell away from Him, He pulled me back; when I was in my darkest place and losing my battle with an eating disorder, He made himself brightest providing the peace, strength, and wisdom needed to endure the journey.

His daily reminder is we need only the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains..