Mrs. Mackenzie Maas

MS Math Teacher


Bachelor’s degree from UW-Stevens Point
Major in Elementary Education
Minor in Special Education-Learning Disabilities
Certified in English as a Second Language

Master’s degree from Concordia University
Major in Principal Administration
Minor in Curriculum Development

Mrs. Mackenzie Maas


In my life I have always felt a passion to serve others, teach and be a mom. But it wasn’t until 2015 that I started doing all those things in the Lord’s strength instead of my own. I grew up in a home that attended church but when the question was asked “Is God real?” outside of the church setting we all weren’t sure. Throughout most of my childhood I pondered things of the universe and my place in it. Throughout college I avoided thinking about the topic and was okay being ignorant to the idea of religion. I met my husband in college and we were both in the same boat. There wasn’t a firm stance on what we believed.

Five years into our marriage we had our first child and when he was about three, he started asking me questions that I didn’t have answers for. Questions like, “What happens when we die?” and “Where do bugs come from?” (He remains very inquisitive at age 10). I was not comfortable being a mom that couldn’t answer those questions or at least explore those questions with him. When I look back now it’s very clear the Lord was actively pursuing me even though I didn’t see it at the time. One of my biggest passions was to be a mom, a good one, and I wasn’t going to leave these questions unanswered. The Lord knew that. My husband had already been asking me if we could start regularly going to church and I was reluctant. But now with these questions buzzing around in my head I agreed.

We started attending Wausau Alliance Church (now Restoration Church) and for about eight Sundays in a row the words in the sermon’s message spoke specifically to my reservations or doubts. I could no longer convince myself that it was coincidence. It was out of this world. Then I attended the Women’s Christmas Celebration and throughout that night I felt my heart soften to a point that I had never experienced. During worship at the end of the event I heard Him assuring me that he could carry the weight of my struggles, and as I surrendered that to Him the comfort I experienced overwhelmed me physically and emotionally. I knew He was real and I could stop fighting against what He was offering me. A savior. When I told my husband about my night I found out he also had been experiencing similar things and had reached the same point as me.

Since knowing the Lord my husband and I have grown to a family of 5, become members of Restoration Church, led and participated in discipleship groups and Christian studies, served in the nursery, Sunday school, and VBS, and aim to have a mission mindset. Every component of our lives has had the joy of knowing the Lord added to it and we are in constant praise for that.

I taught in the public schools for 10 years, raised our children at home for some time, and have now found a home for my passion with FAITH. Here at FAITH I love how the Lord has me using the talents he gave me to serve His mission and calling with everyone I encounter.


Wausau Alliance Church