Mrs. Alisha Eastin


“As the Guidance Counselor, I have the privilege of helping students work through conflict with one another, or even within themselves. In addition, I order testing materials for all grades and help prepare high school students for college.  Students who struggle with keeping their grades up have the privilege of meeting with me to create habits that will help them improve their skills so they can become life long learners.”

Assistant Director of Daycare



B.S. in Office Administration
Northland Baptist Bible College, 2008

M.A. in Biblical Counseling
Northland International University, 2010


“When I was six years old I chose to believe in Jesus as my Savior. I longed for fellowship with other believers and spent as much time at my church as I could. This lead me to enjoy missions trips, church camps, and other activities where I learned to grow in my walk with Christ. It was a no-brainer for me to choose to attend a Christian college. It was there, though, when I was away from my parents and church family, that my faith was tested. Through adversity and the breaking of my pride I really grasped that Jesus was my Savior. He was the only one that was really there for me when I needed Him the most. My desire and passion for Him grew all the more, and I also recognized my inherent sin that won’t go away until I meet Jesus face to face. The longing to see Him is even greater now than before.

I came to Wausau for the first time in 2012 when I had the privilege of putting on a concert at the Grand Theatre for Northland. It’s also the same event that I fell in love with Brandon :-). We both really liked the town and had no idea that first, God would have us get married, and second, that we would end up here teaching at FAITH after Northland closed as a school in 2015.

A few of my favorite things: I love sitting and reading my Bible – genuinely a sweet time for me! I like working with my hands – painting furniture, rearranging the house (I do this when I’m stressed out :-)), sewing, and running.  Also, I’m looking forward to starting my first garden.”


The churches in this area are outstanding. It was difficult to pick one over the others; however, Wausau Alliance Church was a special place for me because I was able to partner with this church through Northland by putting on a FLAME concert. They knew where we came from and sympathized with us as we transitioned from Dunbar to Wausau! I am thankful for this body of believers to get to know and to join up with.

Members of Wausau Alliance Church.
Previously members of Redemption Hill, Kingsford, MI.