Mr. Zach Zebro

K-12 Principal


M.S. in Educational Administration
Concordia University of Wisconsin

B.S. in Health Promotion and Wellness
Minor in Strength and Conditioning
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

B.S. in Physical Education
Minor in Strength and Conditioning
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point



As a child I grew up in central Wisconsin attending Catholic church. While I felt a connection to some of the religious and reverent sentiments, I didn’t develop a personal relationship with the Lord. As a teenager I began to immerse myself in worldly endeavors. I spent my high school years in the tension of wanting to live well, yet living a life in opposition to Christ. As I entered college I thrived as a student, but continued to live what felt like a meaningless life. As I progressed through my freshman year, I began to struggle with feelings of loneliness, emptiness, and depression. I had friends, good grades, a loving family, and opportunities, yet felt hopeless.

One night out of desperation and emotional angst, I picked up a New Testament which had been collecting dust on my desk, never having opened a Bible prior to this moment. I was nineteen. I opened to Romans 10:9-10. At that moment I believed, confessed, and cried out to the Lord. I wept and felt the powerful presence, forgiveness, and love of God. I knew I had been made whole and was overwhelmed by a love I knew was from God. I instantly experienced joy, peace, hope, kindness, love and an enthusiasm to grow in God.

Over the last eighteen years I have experienced mountain tops of faith, and the deepest of valleys. While sanctification calls us to transformation with the picking up our cross daily, I have only grown in intimacy, trust, and devotion to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It has been an amazing journey, and I will be soon be celebrating twelve years of marriage with my wife. She is my greatest encourager, best friend, and gift from God. We have three beautiful children who grow with tender hearts and love for Christ. As the leader of our home, I praise God for the discipleship opportunities and responsibility.

We have prayerfully sought God’s leading and believe he has led us to Faith Christian Academy. We are excited about the work God is doing and the opportunity to be part of the FAITH Family.


We are members of Good News Church in Mosinee and have enjoyed growing in our church family.