Mr. Tom Menard

Mr. Thomas Menard

High School Bible Teacher



BA in Biblical Studies


My walk with God is one marked by his faithfulness. God was faithful to me as he placed me in a christian home. It was in this environment that I came to faith at a young age, when my older sister shared the gospel with me. Then as I grew older, I was involved in the ministry of CEF in our local area. It was during this time that my faith grew and developed as I truly made it my own. It was in this time when I was asking God what his will for my life was. It wasn’t some mysterious moment that led me to a decision, but instead it was reflecting on the faithfulness of God on my life and seeing where he had brought me so far that he placed a desire for full time ministry in my life. This led to downtown Chicago where I attended Moody Bible Institute in their Biblical Studies department. Graduation brought me to an internship with my home church. That all brought me here to FCA, as I seek to serve God with my life.


Attends Immanuel Baptist Church