Mr. Kurt Wagner

Mr. Kurt Wagner
For several years Kurt has worked with middle and high school students in a variety of settings- several summers as a camp counselor, traveling as the teen evangelist on an evangelistic team, church internships and college extension ministries. He’s excited to now interact with this age group in the classroom through bible and choir. On the side, he manages his photography business, enjoys barbering, and playing tennis.

MS/HS Music Teacher


BA in Pastoral Studies
Maranatha Baptist University

Currently studying for a M.A. in Biblical Counseling


I was raised in a strict Christian home, saved at a very young age, and grew up knowing all the right answers to look like a biblically smart kid. But inside I was numb and bored of the Christian community that surrounded me. It wasn’t till I was 20 that I confessed my rebellion to God and my parents and began taking steps to root out past addictions and pursue God with relational and intentional fervor. I use those past twenty years to motivate me to reach hurting and confused kids within the Christian community and offer them the hope and healing provided through a personal friendship with God.



Attends Wausau Bible Church