Mr. Jeff Krentz

High School Science Teacher



 BS Business Management from Upper Iowa University
 AA Architecture from Northcentral Technical College


 I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior in my mid-twenties after a series of personal crisis, which included the untimely deaths of my sister and mother 9 months apart.  Then shortly after that I met my wife Rita (FCA first grade teacher) who was raised in the church, and I have been growing in the Lord since then, sometimes too slowly.  I consider Rita, who is my opposite, to be God’s greatest gift to me in many ways.  I retired from a 38-year Engineering career in 2019 to become a caseworker for a faith-based social service agency until 2021, when I came to FCA.  I was an Engineering Manager for 20 of those years, mentoring new engineers along the way.  It’s humbling to be starting over again, but I like to learn and encourage others to join me on the journey.


Attends Bible Truth Chapel