Mr. Brad Kafer

Mr. Brad Kafer

High School Spanish and 6th Grade English Teacher


Bachelors in Middle Level Teacher Ed
Illinois State University

Certified in Spanish, History, and English Language Arts


I grew up in a very conservative church that struggled with legalism. I had a lot of confusion and pain about God and the Bible. Thankfully, God brought people into my life Senior year of High School and first year of college who shared the love of Christ and the true Gospel of grace with me. I was deeply impacted and eventually drawn to faith in Christ. I have been through many trials and interesting seasons over the last 14 years of being in Christ, but God is faithful! I have been involved with ministry at Wausau Alliance for a couple years now. I also serve on Deeper Still retreats for post abortive women and men through HOPE, as well as serve as a board member of Crescent Lake Bible Camp. I am excited to serve the students and our FAITH community as a teacher this year. I love the integration of my faith with my job here and the freedom to proclaim Christ to our students. God is good!



Attends Wausau Alliance Church