Mrs. Jane Bosi

Student Services Coordinator

WIN is an acronym for our middle and high school student support system, “What I Need”. This team of staff develop solutions for students special academic and behavior needs.


BA, Human Resource Development/Psychology
Silver Lake College

MS Guidance and Counseling
University of Wisconsin-Stout


“I grew up in a Catholic home learning about Jesus and the Bible in church, CCD and youth group.  After college, the Lord strategically placed believers in my life who would show me my true condition as a sinner and God’s amazing love for me in the work of Jesus on the cross.  I became a Christ follower in my mid-twenties and have spent the better part of almost thirty years growing in my relationship wit the Lord; stepping out, at times, and moving closer at other times.  I love the Lord and am grateful for His faithfulness even when I could not see.  I’ve spent many years studying His Word both on my own and in church led studies.  In 2018, a major health crisis taught me true surrender.  During the course of my treatment and recovery, I met Jesus again and again.  I was held and healed, deepening my relationship with Jesus in the most profound way.   I will always consider my illness as far more blessing than curse.  I’ve spent the last six years working in mental health with at risk youth and have prayerfully sought God’s will for my life. I’m excited to follow HIs leading as my journey moves me to Faith Christian.

My husband and I have five wonderful children. I attend Bethany Baptist Church in Schofield and have a little card ministry there that gives me an outlet for creativity. In my down time, I’m a design team member for a Christian stamp company, which is also a rich faith community of believers from all over the United States and my Sweet Sisters in the Lord. I also like art journaling, reading, cooking, and crocheting.  I love walking with my puppy, Murray, and CrossFit several times a week.  My favorite thing to do, however, is to hang out with my family and have adventures!”


Bethany Baptist in Schofield.


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