Breakfast at Middle/High School

Photo by PIXNIO

As we approach spring break, we thank God for the amazing school year we have been allowed thus far, despite some uncertain times.  God continues to work in our hearts and school, leading us forward in our commitment to Excellence for Christ.  We look forward to a strong finish of this year and are excited about where and how God is leading. 

Breakfast Pit Stop

Middle & High School students can have a free breakfast before home room 7:20-7:35am

After Spring Break, we will pilot a Breakfast Pit Stop program.  This opportunity is designed to support ready learners with a nutritious start to their school day. Starting onn Tuesday, April 6th, students may stop in the cafeteria between 7:20am-7:35am for a quick, but nutritious breakfast option.  Students will be expected to enjoy their breakfast items in the cafeteria before heading to homeroom.  It would be very helpful, for planning purposes, if you would let us know that your child(ren) would like to participate in this free introductory program.  You can RSVP their participation by emailing Mrs. Jane Bosi.   

We want to encourage continued nutrition throughout the school day.  Please consider eliminating caffeinated beverages, high processed foods and sugary items from school lunch choices.  Fruits, vegetables, complex carbs and protein helps students feel full and improves concentration and test taking.  Staying hydrated is also important so please encourage your child(ren) to bring their water bottles every day. 

Cellphone Reminder

Unfortunately, cellphones remain a difficult tool for middle and high school students to successfully navigate during the school day.  At this time, middle school students are not allowed to have their phones out during the day.  If you have a need to reach your student during the day, please contact the office for assistance.   

We encourage responsible and God honoring use of technology for all of our students.  We discourage the over dependence on cellphones with our high school students, who are currently allowed to check their phones during lunch.  Our limited free time is best used developing and nurturing friendships and good face to face communication skills.   

We are committed to partnering well with student and families and know you join us in walking through the complications and joys of adolescence.  Despite some of the challenges, we are continually impressed with the goodness around us.  Our student body is made up of unique, kind and thoughtful students.  It’s exciting to see how God is working in each precious life.  Next quarter, we will be intentionally focused on highlighting student’s acts of kindness and self control.  Stay tuned for more information about developing programs to reward and incentivize students.