New MS/HS Block Schedule

I’m excited to announce that we are shifting to a block schedule format. On the schedule, across the top row that there are “A” (in blue columns) and “B” (in yellow columns) days.  Fridays will alternate with one week following the “A” schedule and the next week following the “B” schedule.  The numbers preceding each class indicate the grade level, while the initials following the class name indicate the teacher.    If your student signed up for electives last spring, then he/she will be put into that elective.  If you’re not sure what your son/daughter signed up for and want to check, please call the office (715-842-0797). Our summer hours are T/Th mornings 9-12.  Also, please note that Industrial Art is a new offering. Parents, please feel free to share this schedule with home-school families.  We are allowing enrollment for individual classes.  Prices will be pro-rated, and those qualifying for scholarships will receive the approved discount.   2015-Block-Schedule