Senior Photos!
Photos & survery due by 3/1/2019

This year you can order and customize your yearbook on


Deadline: April 24, 2019
In order to receive free shipping and have your yearbook arrive in time for the end of the school year, you must set your custom pages to “Print Ready” and complete your order by midnight April 24, 2019.

Late Orders
The yearbook will be available to purchase online long after the deadline. However, there will be a $6.95 shipping charge. Late orders will not be delivered to the school but to the unique shipping address you give when placing the order.

How to Order
Only FAITH families are eligible to purchase a yearbook (grandparents and relatives will need to ask the family for the validation code).
Only persons 13 years old and over may purchase a yearbook.

Online Ordering:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the code that you received in your email or on the flyer sent home with your student
  3. Fill out the forms and create your custom pages!
  4. Pay with a credit card or checking account.
  5. Your personalized yearbook will arrive at FAITH. Faculty will distribute the yearbooks allowing students to sign them.

Ordering by Phone:

  1. Parents with internet access may call the school to request the validation passcode.
  2. Parents without internet access may place an order by calling FAITH and using a credit card or checking account.


The yearbook will be 70 full color pages printed with the same quality as previous years. You may choose between hardback and softer paperbacks. Paperback year books have thick, durable laminated covers. Every yearbook comes with 2 extra custom pages that can be filled with unique photos from your computer or social media. If you miss the deadline for the bulk order, you can still place an order to have the yearbook shipped to your house for additional fee.

  • Paperback = $25.00
  • Hardback = $25 + $6.95
  • 2 Custom Pages = FREE
  • Custom Shipping for later orders = add $6.95

Student Login

High school and middle school students can login to create their custom pages using their new email address and password. Login here.

Parent & Staff Login

All parent and staff email addresses have already been entered into the yearbook website. If you cannot find your invitation email, you can reset your password using your email address (for staff) or the email address that you have supplied the school with (parents). Reset your password. Then you can login here.

Edit Custom Pages

Step 1: Login to See steps above or reset your password if you having trouble.

Step 2: Click “5. Edit Book”

Step 3: Click either the “Edit Book” tab or click the pages titled “1-2 Personal Page”

Step 4: Add photos by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the “Add Photo” button and follow the prompts.

Step 5: Link Facebook, Instagram, Flickr accounts to access photos from those locations or upload from your computer.

Video Tutorials

How to Create an Account for Ordering

How to Add Personal Photos

How to Create Personal Pages


Photos due: March 1, 2019
Please email a high resolution senior photo to [email protected] The larger the file size the better (2mb – 20mb). You may also bring your file on a flash drive to the computer lab. Please no printed photos.

Due: March 1, 2019
Please fill out the short survey at for your senior yearbook entry.

Picture Day

Picture day is on Thursday, October 11th, 2018. Lifetouch will be the photographers and producers of the pictures this year. Fliers and more information will be sent home to parents through email and paper.
Lifetouch will arrive around 7am and begin with the little ones around 8:15am. We’ll take the children by grade level.  Their goal is to conclude around 10am :-).
Picture retakes will be on Wednesday, November 14th.
Please email if you have any questions!