Mrs. Lisa Reese



  • Middle and high school science, including General and Physical science courses, Anatomy, and Chemistry
    • Mentors Physics and Marine Biology courses
    • Focuses on teaching critical thinking, reasoning, and the integration of scientific understanding into all areas of life
  • Teaches fourth grade math

 Education and Experience

20+ years of homeschooling for excellence

30+ years an autodidact; specializing in multiple areas including education, nutrition, health, homeschooling, history, grammar, organic gardening, animal husbandry, garment design and manufacture, and frugality

Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies
Western Governors University, 11/2014


“In the late 1970s, I was a militant feminist, seeking to run my own life, my own way.  My self-centered plans led me to pursue a career in electronics, because it was then a male-dominated field.  I attended Missouri Institute of Technology, where I met a dedicated Christian man who shared the gospel with me and prayed for me.  Six days later, I submitted my life to Christ and my entire outlook and plan for the future changed completely.  Eight months later, we married; and the Lord has been teaching us, and guiding us into new adventures, ever since.

“We have been blessed with four children, three children-by-marriage, and six grandchildren (so far).  After our children graduated, and our homeschooling ended, I began volunteering one day a week as the library lady at FAITH.  The next year, I volunteered as an assistant to the science teacher, and the following year I was privileged to join the FAITH staff full time.  God has been expanding my opportunities (and adding challenges) each year.  I am grateful for this opportunity to use my skills to serve Him.

“When not at school, or enjoying grandchildren, I’ll likely be reading, researching, quilting, biking, and coddling my flock of houseplants.”


My husband and I are faithful members at Northside Baptist Church, where I sing in the choir and teach Sunday School to the preschoolers.