Block Schedule for Middle & High School

After last year’s success, we have brought back an improved block schedule to continue to allow for the integration of homeschool students. The longer periods also give students and teachers more time to focus on each class and more flexibility to complete homework. Finally the block schedule helps student prepare for similar college schedules where classes are generally an hour or longer and occur every other day.  Teachers give short breaks close to the middle of the class time.

This schedule is for 7th-12th grade (sixth grade and below is considered part of the FAITH Elementary School).


Instead of a mini-period before lunch, students will have daily “personal growth” first period each day. On Mondays they will have a time of quiet, personal Bible study in classrooms according to grade. Tuesdays and Thursdays all teachers will be available to assist students in their specific areas of need, creating a more focused study hall time. And on Wednesday students will learn how to show humility and respect for others in society through mentor groups and etiquette training.

For Homeschoolers

Homeschool students can enroll for individual classes at a pro-rated price. Homeschool students can then sign in and out at the office, only coming in for those times when they have class. Those qualifying for scholarships will receive the approved discount.

How The Schedule Works

On the schedule, across the top row that there are “A” (in blue columns) and “B” (in yellow columns) days.  Fridays will alternate with one week following the “A” schedule and the next week following the “B” schedule (in green blocks). Whether a Friday has  “A” day classes or  “B” day classes depends on the Friday schedule (see bottom schedule).

The numbers preceding each class indicates the grade level, while the initials following the class name indicate the teacher.


Students will finish signing up for electives during the first day of school giving priority to their top choices. Then Mrs. Eastin will assign the electives to A and B days according to student interest. The choices of electives this year are:

  • Art
  • Choir
  • Creative Design
  • Drama
  • Industrial Art – Six student limit.
  • Photography – 1 semester long. Offered both semesters. Six student limit per semester. $60 fee. 9-12th grade only
  • Physical Education – required for 7th & 8th grade

Click on the images below to download a printable copy.



AB Schedule 2016-17